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Posted: January 5, 2015 in Random
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To be completely blunt, I didn’t like it. I suppose I could be very picky with my comedy. I am not really the cheap laughs kind of person. Yeah, I can be in a goofy mood and find things I normally wouldn’t find funny funny. There have been many movies, where I don’t laugh at all and then I watch them later and suddenly they are hilarious. However, the two times I have listened to this the most I did was smile once in a while. I would love to says its above average and that it had me roflmao, but sadly it seems just an average standup comedy routine.


  • MFI Apple certified 8-Pin lightning cable.
  • Compatibilty – Compatible with every Apple Lightning connector device, charge and sync for : iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus / 5S / 5C / 5, iPad (4th generation), iPad Air / Air 2, iPad mini / mini2 / mini 3, iPod Touch (5th generation), and iPod Nano (7th generation). It also supports Mac and Windows PC.
  • 3 Feet Long is Convenient and Popular Length – With the 3 Foot cable, it provides a portable, flexible and durable cord, to select a more comfortable location for you when your Apple device is charging no matter at home, in the car, or in a store.
  • Fits Perfectly: Compact, Stylish and Slim Lightning connector design (0.33in x 0.22in / 8.5mm X 5.5mm) that allows it to be used with virtually all devices without removing your case.
  • 1 Year Warranty – Please contact us anytime if you have any questions or need assistance. 100% Customer Satifaction is our Goal!”
I have only had this about a week or so, but thus far it has done great. I have had non-apple brand cords in the past that work once or twice and then won’t work. 4/5


  • WIRELESS – Bluetooth CSR 4.0 and NFC connectivity that will work anywhere directly from your smartphone, mp3, tablet or laptop up to 30 ft. Take your music with you and free yourself from any extra cables tablet or laptop up to 30 ft. Take your music with you and free yourself from any extra cables.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT – With a 2000 mAh battery delivering up to 10 hours of non stop music and a full recharge time of at most 3 hours
  • OUTDOORS – IPX3 Water resistant (light rain) and dust / mild shock protection make it a great choice for your outdoors adventures
  • SOUND – Full natural sound in the palm of your hand. Don’t sacrifice performance at the expense of portability and carry your music with you everywhere you go !

I have been using this speaker for a couple weeks now, and I like it.However, there are design aspects that I do not like. For instance there is a tape on the back to hold the mesh together. With glue added. Which, if the rubber was to stay on the device that wouldn’t be an issue but it does say you can remove it. Once removed it just looks cheap. Also, you have to be careful when removing the rubber casing as the Rif6 and the Bluetooth pieces are also glued on. As for the sound, and such. Most of the time it sounds fine, but at times it can sound like its in a can and the it also cuts out.

It does seem to have a descent battery life and charges rather quickly.


Published: October 21/ 2014

Description:“Now an entire collection of delicious, easy-to-make and healthy vegan recipes is just a click away. Planning your holiday meals has never been easier or more delicious. 49 vegan recipes await you here; that’s 49 vegan recipes ready to impress your guests, including even the pickiest eaters or non-vegans! While not all of these recipes are strictly traditional for the holidays, they do offer you new, bold flavors to try and use your favorite ingredients, from fresh green vegetables to squash and sweet potatoes.”

Most of my cookbooks are in fact Vegan. I have been on and off the Vegan lifestyle for about the last 9 years. Whether on or not I still find myself making Vegan dishes from time to time. One of my issues with some of the Vegan cookbooks, some of mine included, are that they call for things that are either hard to find, such as I can’t recall the name of the recipe but it calls for a blue/purple potato, I have never seen a blue/purple potato, or are pricier and a recipe full of pricey ingredients isn’t what I am looking for.
That being said Johnathan’s book is full of things that should be readily available at your local Walmart/Target or Whole Foods. Most of which are “norm” ingredients, like Eggplant or Vegetable Stock.




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