Review of “The Interview”

Posted: December 29, 2014 in Movies
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In the off chance that you have gotten through the last couple of weeks having heard nothing about this movie. This is the latest movie starring Seth Rogen and James Franco(any one else have the problem of wanting to call him James “Defranco”, as in “PhillyD”?) James Franco is the host of a celebrity “news” show. He manages to land an Interview with Kim Jong Un. That is all I am going to say for the plot.

I have to admit this is in no way a movie I had intended to see, at least not until it was on HBO or whatever(free). It just didn’t seem like the type of movie I would like to see, let alone to spend a ton of money to go watch it at the theater. That is until I was basically told I couldn’t watch it. I can only assume that at least some of the people that saw it this weekend were probably in a similar mindset when they set out to watch this “pretty terrible” movie.

IMG_5697IMG_5696IMG_5695This had to have been a bittersweet weekend for Sony. “The Interview” has been labeled Sony’s top online film ever. I suppose for this case the “no such thing as bad publicity”, stands true. However, while celebrating the success of this movie, they were scrambling to get the psn back up after the outage which I believe started Christmas day.

Now its time for me to relay my thoughts on the “pretty terrible movie”. I don’t know if the pictured reviewers were expecting something different, or I was just expecting crap.

That being said, I thought it was at the very least a decent movie. It was Seth Rogan, and James Franco(I actually have to force myself to not type Defranco, sorry James Franco, lol) to expect anything other than crude humor is to expect the un-expectable.

If you are looking for a simple, funny movie with (sorry guys) not much substance this is a movie for you. Under no circumstances should you sit down to watch this thinking you are about to watch something like “Life is Beautiful“.

I rate movies differently depending on what kind they are.

For instance if a movie is suppose to be serious but isΒ  so stupid its funny it will get a low rating.

However, this movie did exactly what it was suppose to do, make you laugh.



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