Gone Girl

Posted: December 23, 2014 in Movies
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Matthew and I finally got around to watching “Gone Girl” last night. We had no idea what the movie was about before we started it. All I knew was that I had seen favorable headlines and the scores were good. imbd score: 8.4

In case you haven’t seen it I want to give my score now.


Watch it and I would love to know what you think.

Hopefully, the giant picture will help not spoil it for people. I have read blogs or articles that casually say-> spoilers<- and I am not paying attention to what I am reading and snap back in the mist of a big spoiler, i.e Game of Thrones last season with Tyrion.

If you have seen this movie then I shouldn’t have to speak too much of what its about.ย  Will refresh though. You have the main guy played by Ben Affleck, who spends the movie saying “I didn’t kill my wife”.

As stated above we had no idea what this movie was about. For some crazy reason I thought it was a romance movie. I guess like a modern day “Walk to Remember”. I guess it was the cover. The guy has his back towards the audience which to me says sad or distancing themselves. Then the title, probably self explanatory for that one.

From the introductory scene I knew my former thoughts were very wrong. Also, if I am being perfectly honest I wasn’t a fan of the movie for the whole first half. All evidence said he did it. Plus, he was sleeping around, which seemed like a motive. So, based on all of that it seemed like a very common plot. Where someone kills someone tries to cover it up and then lies out their a** to avoid getting caught.

I never could have imagined the second half. It MADE the movie. Holy crap that girl was bat sh*t crazy.

There were some things I was confused by.

1.)How did she get pregnant?(at the end)

(I remember something about disposables. Does this mean what I think it does?)

2.)I get why she only burned the book part way. However, that would seem suspicious to me if I was a cop. What type ofย  person who was trying to cover up their murder and all evidence of former abuse only partially burn the evidence. I have never needed to do this (obviously) but I would make sure the thing was burnt all the way.

3.)The whole story could have possibly been avoided if he had followed through on telling her he wanted a divorce. Although, I can’t guarantee a crazy person would follow through on this logic.

4.)This is a general question. Why do you stay with someone you “hate” instead of getting out. I understand he would have been penniless but wouldn’t that be preferable to spending everyday dreading to go home?

I should read the book, some things may be answered. For instance since she was pregnant did he stay? I personally think I would leave her and try to get full custody of the kid. Cause I would be damned if I let my kid be raised by that crazy/murderous woman.

Have you seen it? Did you like it?

I feel I have to watch this move again soon, to better understand it.


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