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Posted: December 9, 2014 in Books, Tv
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Morning everyone

Well, with The Walking Dead on their winter hiatus and Game of Thrones still months away what is there to watch? Any suggestions for shows. I just finished Veronica Mars a few days ago, and I have to say the ending felt more like The ending of my book had been ripped out and there is no way for me to finish it.

I have since tried to watch the second season of AHS. I know its popular but each time I watch the seasons I find that I don’t like it. I have watched all of 1 and 3, hence the going back to 2. I suppose its not that I don’t like it, its just I am pickier about shows that I could watch during a free moment during the day. I don’t know maybe I am simply certifiable.

Another show I tried again is Grimm. I think I went into it originally hoping to replace Supernatural, but it failed to live up to it. The reason that I say replace is because Matt stopped watching after season 5, which I had read years ago was where Eric Kripke had intended on it ending. I continued on to check out season 6. However, I was greatly disappointed. The classic rock of songs like carry on my wayward son seemed to be replaced with watered down classic rock. Plus, the idgits killed off Bobby. 😦 Even the  Characters themselves seemed like watered down versions of themselves. Plus, it looks as though they use a lot more cgi then they originally did. I have watched a few shows from the latest season and my opinion still sticks. I remember where I was when the show started in 2005. I was at college in Lawrence, Kansas. Which I think the reason I remember  it so well is because I believe that’s where the first episode of Supernatural is suppose to take place. The original 5 seasons were an awesome story. Hell the pilot is one if not the best pilots I have ever seen.

Do you watch any of these or have you? Any suggestions for shows?

Quick Book Reviews

A man found dead in his ex lovers car. Ex-lover becomes the prime suspect for obvious reasons. The girls best friend puts it on herself to aid the detective in solving the case. There is lots of twists and turns, however, the book never got to a point where I had to keep reading it into the late hours of the night.


For the longest time we had the dream of starting some kind of business. At one point we even repaired psp’s. We thought about making games about 4 years earlier. However, there was always some kind of excuse. One of which, was that Matthew wanted to do it with his friends or brothers and one of his friends or maybe a few basically said we don’t know how to make games, so it was kind of dead in the water. He tried to get together with his brothers for an idea meeting but unfortunately they didn’t take it seriously and didn’t even get together. So, after way too many years of Matthew having to go to work in horrible heat and then freezing cold I pushed Matthew to start our company. Literally from nothing. Neither of us had coded before. Our dream is one day we can both work from home.

As the owner of a start up I can say I have felt a roller coaster of emotions this first year. With even the some what simple dream of being able to work from home one day, seeming like climbing Mount Everest. Something that is suggested is to find allies and supporters. I can say from experience that this is key. In the slumps this last year where you wonder if its even possible, and should I just give up, it is wonderful to have someone in our case some great friends who are in a similar place as us and have been nothing but supportive. They even helped with one of the names of our games.

If you could use some encouragement I would suggest reading this book.


No thank you…

Have a great day!!

Reviews for random products

I have had this for a few weeks. I have tried it with make up and without makeup. There was minimal change. So much so that neither I or my husband could tell a difference. Paired with makeup I did feel like there was a slight difference compared to my previous usage of the makeup alone.

I am generally a fan of green tea. So I was excited to give this a try this organic matcha green tea. Once I got it I looked up on line some drink recipes for it. I found one on pinterest for a latte. Seemed simple enough. I am not sure what about it I didn’t really like. It reminded me of broccoli. I am assuming it has more to do with adding milk to the drink than anything. I don’t usually do that with my teas. I have tried it with chai tea and like it. However, the powder didn’t mix in all the way so there was little clumps that didn’t help with the broccoli imagery.


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