Posted: December 8, 2014 in Books, Movies
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Good Afternoon

Hey guys busy morning. Sometimes I feel like all the time we put in with business stuff that every day life kind of gets pushed to the wayside. Well today Matthew is back to his day job. Man do we hope to one day be able to live off of money earned from BadPair. Anyways, how was your weekend? Do anything fun and/or exciting?



I think I am going to get the book collection. I almost got it a few months ago when we stopped into Barnes and Noble, but the trailer didn’t look good to me at all. Just another Hunger Gameseque story. Similar to Divergent. Which by the way, I know I won’t be able to get Matt to watch the Insurgent with me. Truth be told with the crappy trailer I don’t want to watch it either but I can guarantee at some point in my lifetime I will probably watch it. Unless of course something happens to me before it even comes out. Terrible thing to think about, my own mortality. Lets move away from my demise to todays topic. Movies, or obviously The Maze Runner. We made so many comments during this movie, if you had heard us you probably would have thought we hated it. Truth be told if they hadn’t ended it the way they had we probably would have.

I told Matt they remind me of “Lord of the Flies”. They we living the definition of insanity. This is how we do things. I recall one of the boys saying. Well, if it hasn’t been working why the hell are you fighting so hard to keep it that way. I suppose it all boils down to fear. Fear will keep you doing the same thing over and over again because its familiar its “safe”.




Would you have chosen to go into the maze? Matthew and I during were just thinking why the hell aren’t they all just going in there. Sticking together to find a way out. That runner took the new guy(Thomas) to that secret shack in the woods and showed him that they had already mapped the whole damn maze. Well they thought they had. I get not wanting to cause a panic. However, if they had set down and discussed what was going on maybe they could have come up with a plan long before Thomas arrived. I get that those cyborg spider creatures were deadly but the new guy took one out on his own his first time in the maze.

4/5 Me

3/5 Matthew

We had low expectations, so it may have effected our rating.

What did you guys think of the movie?

Unfinished Business(R)


Have a wonderful day


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