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Posted: December 4, 2014 in Tech, Web
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Good Morning(ish)

Kind of feels weird writing this late in the day. How has your day been going? I am so glad I am not doing a vlog at this time, because I am sick. Worst part about this time of year. Matthew is working on our logo while I work on the blog. We have had some difficulty coming up with something we love, which is why we don’t really have one yet. Hopefully soon….

Any suggestions?


Steam Broadcasting

Steam has created its very own Twichesque game broadcasting. Truthfully, I am surprised they didn’t jump on that opportunity long ago. This seems like the next step for the 35 million loyal gamer company. From a business stand point it could be a good move. Why integrate twitch into their company when they could provide their own service? However, with Twitch having 60million gamers(thats quite the battle we will have to fight to get to the top of the twitch boards :-/) would that have benefited them more? Could have been a great copacetic relationship. I suppose only time will tell. what do you think? Will you try steam’s or are you loyal to twitch?


Epic Rap Battles of History


This next one is a prank video I saw and I think the woman reacts better than I would have. lol

Check it out!


Bubble Tricks

These look pretty damn awesome. Have you done any of these? Would you?


This next video I must admit I was hesitant to post. Not because its bad but because of the creator

feministfrequency. Because I know how much of a stigma the word feminist holds. But I like their end point.

“All people of All genders must be treated with respect and dignity”.

I am not posting this so much as a feminist but as a humanist.

I suppose I am haven’t been bothered by as much stuff as other females in this business or who play games have been. I can’t say that none of the things in the video haven’t happened to me.

Years go I was, I suppose you could say, obsessed with World of Warcraft. I was running along one of the forests and this big Tauren comes up to me, and asks me if I was actually a female. He seemed surprised that I was. I wasn’t offended because Matthew from time to time plays female characters. Off topic for a second I think we(Matthew and I) entertained the idea of our two female characters getting married in game. Lol Anyways, the guy ended up being a great friend.

The only issue I have with the gaming industry is that the girl games are super girly. However, I do understand that they are a business and thusly need to provide a product that the demographic will purchase. Obviously if the puppy dog games and baby sitting games weren’t selling they would probably take a step back and say hey maybe we should make zombies with pink bows or whatever.

Anyways the video

25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming While Male.

What are your thoughts on anything I said or on the video?


iPhone 5/5S/5C Anti-Glare Anti-Fingerprint Matte Screen Protectors 3-Pack

We got these a few weeks ago. Took me a while to figure out what exactly to say about them. As far as protectors go they seem to do no better or worse than the well known ones(in my experience). I have a become a big fan of the matte feel. The one draw back Matt and I noticed was that it makes the screen a little more blury. Matt is very picky about his electronics and has kept it on this whole time, so I guess it doesn’t bother him too much.


 Mira Milk Frother

A milk frother, it wasn’t something that I ever though about buying. Frankly because it never really crossed my mind to think about how the heck they got the fluffy milk stuff for coffee. However, I came across this am wanted to try it. I am so glad I got it.

I am not one of those people who enjoys cleaning. I wish I could find even enjoyment in it. I guess a clean house would be the enjoyment. This is one of those times I was discussing the other day with the Haven review that I wish I had magical abilities. Samantha Stevens!! Anyways, I am a fan of gadgets that make this easy on me. Basically rinse/wipe it out once you are done and your good to go.

Check out my awesome Frothing job below.


This next one is a product that I tried that maybe one of you guys might have better luck with.

I don’t know if it is the fact that I am only 28 or what but I didn’t notice much difference in the anti aging side of it. However, it did seem to make my face a bit softer.

Have a great day!


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