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Posted: November 16, 2014 in Games
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Hey guys how are you doing? I think I am getting sick, so forgive me this post won’t be too long but I have been feeling bad about not getting it out. Ok, Lets get on with the show.

Tap Tap Inifinity

This weeks game was made by

ScaryBee LLC

unfortunatly I couldn’t find the company social media sites

Here is their website if you’d like to contact them.

But I was able to find the game pages



“Tap Tap Infinity iOS / Android | Gameplay Trailer”

Itunes Description

Love Cookie Clicker or Clicker Heroes? Tap Tap Infinity is a brand-new Incremental game:

β€’ Tap monsters to kill them.


My review


The biggest pro if its a cute game the graphics are really nice.

Problems I have with the game.

  • The village is suppose being attacked by these monsters and your fighting them. Well I have been sitting idle for at least 10 minutes and this monster at level 11 has yet to kill me. With that and the lack of fighter hp leads me to believe that they aren’t really attacking you.
  • You don’t have to tap on the monster. You can tap anywhere on the screen and it will still count
  • Considering the aforementioned “problems” I was able to constantly tap and with minimal effort made it to level 4 in about 5 minutes. It only took me that long because I hadn’t realized that I had gained a level and was continuing to fight the monsters on level 3.

If you want a quick game that doesn’t require you to think, and you just have to mindlessly tap your screen go get it. It is available for ios and android

Short Film

Todays short holds no hidden message or deep though required. I found it and loved that it kind of went with the theme.

Game Over

!!Have a great Day everyone!!


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