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Posted: November 12, 2014 in Web
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After another night of Maya and the neighbor dog taking turns barking this is definitely a coffee morning.

How are you wonderful people doing this morning? Do you partake of coffee? Do you have a favorite flavor or do you prefer it black? I just realized since its the holiday season then the peppermint coffee is out.

Lets get this thing a rolling


This first video I randomly found while surfing Youtube. It called out to me because it featured one of the best games ever/one of my favorites but was paired with the song from a game that had I had to listen to it for more than a week I probably would be in a padded room right now instead of here talking to you lovely people.

This last summer the night before a small camping trip to the Utah Mountains Matt came home from work saying he had to download something on the kids tablets. So for the remainder of that night as well as the whole trip the next day I got to hear the original variation of this song.


Portal: Dumb ways to Die


Next up is a short interview from one of the stars from Matthew and his families favorite Christmas movie. They reference this thing word for word all throughout the year. I unfortunately hadn’t seen it until about 7 years ago, and have only seen it about 2-3 times since. So generally I am sitting there grinning like a buffoon. They love it so much in fact I believe it was last Christmas his dad had us go around the table saying lines from it. Thankfully, I remembered 1 line. lol

Beverly D’Angelo reflects on Christmas Vacation

What is your favorite Christmas movie?

Mine are Home Alone/Grumpy Old Men/A Christmas Story/ The Grinch(cartoon).


Far Cry 4 is about to be released , and like most fans of games you wish you could have something from said game. Watch Colin Furze build the Tuk Tuk inspired by the game.

I wish he could make me a portal gun, that’d be awesome. πŸ™‚


The next thing is a link about a topic that I keep seeing everywhere. Now I am not going to say my thoughts on this at the moment. GMO. It is mentioned everywhere. The other day Matt and I were checking out our facebook news feed and his dad had posted a picture stating one of his stances on Gmo’s




What are your thoughts on Gmo’s? We love to hear both sides of the argument.


Over the last year Frozen has also been every where. Even being brought to the small screen with Once Upon A Time.

Well it seems that the girl who did the voice of teenage Elsa made less than a $1000.00. Which, if like me you have young children you have probably at least overheard the movie about 50 times and know she has less than 5 minutes of voicing in the movie. Since she had done voice acting in the past she feels she deserves more of the dough that the movie brought in, which I believe was over a billion dollars, and counting.

New actors make drastically less for movies than seasonal actors. For instance,


The antagonist from Capitan Phillips made 65,000 for his role. Which obviously was a lot longer than the 5ish minutes that she voiced her character. She did about 1 days worth of work.

I wasn’t going to throw out my opinion but like Lindsey Lohan in Mean Girls I have some word vomit.

Approximately a 1000.00 for 1 day of work. I understand that she is some what seasonal, but lets be honest she isn’t the headliner. She isn’t the reason people flocked to the theaters. Frankly aside from Veronica Mars and Elphaba, I am not sure who was in the movie. Point being I believe you should be paid what you are worth. Which, would be great for so many people who make peanuts for their hard work all over the world. So I suppose if by Hollywood standards she deserves 2000 or whatever for 2 lines than give it to her. But in every industry the worker bees don’t necessarily make more money because the queen is rolling in it.

What do you think?

Have a great day!!


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