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Posted: November 11, 2014 in Tv
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Howdy Howdy Howdy

Hey guys how are you doing? Are you guys ready for the holidays? I am I suppose. I feel it is coming way way to quickly each year. I swear it was Christmas like 4 months ago. Maybe its because it kind of is for us. Kylee and Isaac’s birthdays are both in May and 2 days apart so we kind of have a midyear Christmas. Do you celebrate Thanksgiving or do you have a Thanksgiving like holiday? Its still a few weeks away but if you don’t know what it is the basic premise is you get together with your family maybe friends and stuff your face until you hurt.




Its that time again, The Walking Dead discussion.


This week we are going to discuss Eugene’s semi big reveal.


I haven’t gotten to the part of these people in the comics. I would suppose whether you read them or not something has seemed off about Eugene. Aside from him peeping Tom ways(which I will get to in a second). I mean what was with the its classified comment. Really?!! The world has fallen and you think there information that needs to be hidden. I think I would have asked to get off the bus spewing something about him being lying out his freaking a**.

Also, I understand him being afraid and what not. However, I am positive I would have been more upset than Tara about someone putting glass in the fuel tank and nearly killing everyone. She was stunned for a second and then like ah its ok. What?! Then he more or less confesses to her and she still is like its ok. lets go over here, but let me look over there for. I don’t know maybe I am just a b**ch. At least when someone nearly kills me and people I care about.

Now on to his peeping Tom ways. This was actually pretty funny. I mean your with a bunch of people in generally one room. If you want some you either have to go out and brave being eaten by zombies that come upon you while engaging in your primal instinct or get use to people probably seeing or at the very least hearing. Modesty probably goes out the window at least a bit.

What were your thoughts on Sunday’s Walking Dead? Did you already know, or suspect it? Was anyone else concerned that Abraham killed Eugene? When he fell face first into the ground I was worried. Would you have been mad at Eugene?



I wasn’t going to discuss books this week since I did reviews the last 2 weeks, but Matt and I started reading I believe the 2013 Guardians of the Galaxy.


If I remember the movie correctly his mom dies of cancer. However, in this comic she is attacked by aliens.

I saw that there was another Guardians of the Galaxy released years ago. Do you know which of these happens in that release or is it another thing that takes her or does it even start at that part?

We are anxiously awaiting the release of the movie and figured this would be a good way to tide us over until next months dvd release.

Have you read any of the comics?

Matt loves it so much he is thinking of getting a Gamora tattoo on his arm.


Sneak Peek


I find book teaser trailers to be a little lackluster but

Brandon Mull’s

Five Kingdoms

I am not entirely sold on it but I have been thinking of reading it since I loved his Fablehaven series.


Have a great day!


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