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Good Morning

Hey guys, how was your Tuesday? I have been completely scatterbrained. I feel like and probably because I am doing generally 3 things at a time. Such as now. I am ordering things on amazon and texting Matt. Busy Busy time of year. Especially when you are also trying to plan a cross country road trip. Do you guys have a favorite road trip destination? I am kind of excited we get to travel through Denver. The only time I have been there was when I stopped at the airport during my trip to come to Utah to meet Matt. So it’ll be nice to stop in and maybe see something while we are there.

Book Reviews

Depending on how far back into my blogs you have read you will see that my favorite genre(s) are scifi, adventure, Harry Potter and Fablehaven types(should at least check it out, its one of my favorite.) I don’t think either of those fall under scifi lol. What are those besides adventure? Anyways I am generally up for reading at least a little of most books. Unless forced, can’t stand having to read something. So those assignments in English class went swimmingly. Actually I am surprisingly  good as b.s.ing my way through written stuff. I digress, here are a few of the book reviews that I did for Tale Tuesday.

(Todays book isn’t something a game development site would normally post, but I figured if I reviewed it I might as well post it, maybe someone out there is looking for this kind of book.)

Clean Food Diet

By: Jonathan Vine

I have used many cookbooks for many different types of foods. Something that I love about this book that very few of the books, I have used, have had is that it gives you the nutritional information. I am not am not generally a person who looks at the nutritional value every time I cook. However, there are times where I would like to know what exactly I am eating. Such as the times we have tried a vegetarian, vegan, or wholefoods “diets”. Another thing that I really liked about his book is that he also gives the number of servings. The reason I gave it a 4, and its something that I see with most recipes, is that they don’t tell you what size the serving is. Of course its perfectly fine to say there is 10 servings when you have something like the, “Mini Spinach Pizzas”, in which it is separated into 6 individual servings anyways. However, what about the “Fall Soup”? Saying 6 servings you are left to wonder if the serving is a half cup, a whole cup, 2 cups, etc.


After I wrote my review I went back and read what other people had said and some of them said their recipe ebooks were missing the measurements. I don’t know if some of the ebooks are messed up or I just happened to have missed those particular recipes. I went back and looked and still wasn’t able to find any with missing measurements.

Next up:
Seeing as it was just Halloween I thought it would be fun to read scary stories.
I was really excited about this next one because it looks like and s kind of like a book I read as a kid and kind of miss.

Scared: Ten Tales of Horror (Ten Tales Fantasy & Horror Stories)

What better time of year to read a book of scarey stories than Halloween time. I specifically chose this book because it reminded me of a book I read as a kid.

The Authors did a good job at making each of the stories suspenseful. I found myself at times holding my breathe for the person, anxious to see how they would get out of their situation.
However, at least in some instances, I felt as though they were unsure of how to describe what was going on and compensated by adding to much detail so in a way made the character(s) sound stupid. For instance in the story Out of Order it takes the main character far too long to realize the hot, metal “tasting”, syrup like substance that was all over the floor and windows and whatnot was blood.
I think my favorite would have to have been Life in Miniature by Tracie McBride.
As an adult this really wasn’t my cup of tea, not to say it isn’t worth checking out.
As a kid I would have liked these stories and in a way they reminded me of Are You Afraid of the Dark stories.



I have to spend a minute discussing Sunday’s The Walking Dead. What did you think of Beth Captures? I thought they were not good but not bad more just corrupt. I think in a situation like that people who had Authority before the “fall” would be expected to continue their authority and then those persons at least some would abuse it, just like now, except in that time it might be people who were “clean” before.

I find it interesting we actually have 2 different paths here. You have the cops that took Beth that have chosen the I get what I want path, where they seem to keep people at a distance. Then you have Rick who has embraced people and formed a family. That yes he is the head of but doesn’t do things just to get what he wants.

Apparently none of the names stuck with me. What did you think of the kid from “Everybody Hates Chris”? Were you excited he got away, were you mad?


I was rather annoyed that he left Beth. Then again I suppose he deserved to get away. He seemed like a good guy. Of course if she had gotten away, would Daryl and Carol have found her?


First up if you haven’t checked out Matt and his friends first podcast you should.


Clueless Gamer


10 Most Expensive Video Games Ever Made


Teens React

!!Have a great day guys!!


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