Posted: November 1, 2014 in Games, ShortFilm, Tech
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Good Morning

Did everyone have a great Halloween? Ours was nice, we lounged part of the day and then took the kiddos trick or treating.


Dark Fairy and Pirate


My first attempt at a would. Of course  messed it up as you can tell by the hole in it. But all in all I am pleased with it.

What do you guys think?

Any tips?


Todays discussion is about Net Neutrality.

What is your opinion on it?

In case you don’t know what it is:

Companies such as Xfinity/Comcast, and Time Warner etc. Anyone that provides internet services are hoping to be able to be able to charge companies for faster internet services. Not the consumer but companies such as Netflix who would benefit from their services working better or faster. Thus essentially killing the little guy. As part of the little guy voice I find this terrible. We may not need to provide a service with fast internet, but if we wanted to start a business such as Netflix we would be squashed by many costs but the benefit of having the internet neutral and not just the ones who can afford it means that we can have the little guy who is  full of ideas bringing about new things. This is something that effects us all, not just business owners.

The reason this was the topic today is because they seem to be getting closer to a decision on this matter.

The article I read was stating that the FCC may decide to settle for some kind of hybrid.

I can’t imagine what kind of hybrid they would come up with but in the end anything that will squash the little guy, will not be beneficial.

Game Dev

Today’s game is


Released: November 20, 2013

Seller: Philipp Stollenmayer

Rated 12+


More Apps from this Developer

So todays game falls in line with games such as our Sphere Factor, and Stay in the Line.

Your objective is to maneuver your bar or beam from one side of the maze/course to another. All without hitting the walls, and making it to the check points.


The look, I think it looks great. Its like world of goo with orange added.

Music is upbeat and fun.

frustratingly challenging.


None that I have been able to find.


I suggest trying it. My quickest time was 16 seconds. Can you beat me?


Short Film

The Lego Story

I chose this one because of how much Matthew likes Lego’s.

Its a cute little video and informative as well.

I loved seeing how he came up with the name.



Kings of the Realm


Five Nights at Freddy’s:Honest Trailer


Save Matt. Every thousand Matters


Have a great Day everyone!!




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