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Hey guys its web Wednesday. Where I search the web and share whatever I find interesting. But before we jump in, how are you guys today? I am curious, how many of you have cable? We got rid of ours a few months ago and I was nervous because I pretty much had something to watch every night. Now I feel as though I have way too much to watch. No where near enough time. I have about 25 shows on my Hulu queue. Those of you without cable have you experienced this? Where you start out with too much time and then not enough.


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The first thing I wanted to briefly talk about is something Matthew mentioned to me yesterday. How everyone on the West Coast or at least in Utah, are upset because Comcast changed the time of TWD premiere. Everyone is threatening to switch to Dish, because apparently they, and other providers aired at the correct time. Supposedly there complaints about the violence in the show, so the air time was changed. Well, if thats true put on parental locks. I have kids and when we had cable I opted to watch the show about an hour after it aired. It is my responsibility as a parent to parent my kids not the cable networks. If I don’t want my 5 year old watching knives shoved into “peoples” heads thats on me, not every other viewer.Β  Also, there was a marathon on that day. Wtf so kids won’t see it the rest of the day but 6-7 comes around and suddenly kids are all sitting down to watch this one show?

Were you affected/bothered by this issue? Do you agree with the change?

Courtesy of a walkingdead/comcast forum

“This was my response on twitter from a comcast rep “On July 15, 2014, we changed several of our networks from an East Coast feed to a West Coast feed (AMC included). We heard from many of our customers that they wanted their favorite primetime shows on during primetime – 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM (PT). By making this change, we were able to accommodate that request. In addition, this ensures that programming is on at more appropriate times and does not interfere with family viewing times.”They did it on purpose!! Screw you comcast!” DX2099


A group of people will spend the next eight months of their lives living in an isolated dome on a Hawaiian volcano as part of a study financed by NASA. DesignnTrend

First off this is what I picture

Secondly, how awesome is it that in around 16 years there could be man on a different planet? The one comment for the article said they would love a live stream. I think that is a great idea. We show feeds from space, why not the Dome. Or better yet on Mars might be more impressive. What do you think? Would you watch either?


Ikea Halloween


Honest Trailer: X-Men Days of Future Past


Hunger Game: Mockingjay, Return to District 12.


CapitolTv: District Voices


CapitolTv: District 8 Resourceful Styles


CapitolTv: Keeping the Peace with District 2

Anyone else excited for Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1?


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.


Have a great day everyone!

Also, Matthew has started a fiverr account if you like this check out more of his stuff



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