Posted: October 20, 2014 in Movies
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Did you guys have a good weekend? We all are currently sick. So, I won’t be doing a full-length blog today. Sorry!

Have you guys checked out that ZNation I did for last weeks tv Tuesday blog post? My friend Matt checked it out, and said he really liked it. He said it reminded him of Zombieland. So I am going to give it another shot on its own. Maybe my opinion was skewed by the fact I was anxious to get to The Walking Dead Premiere and it was pinned between Dead Set and TWD. If you have watched it let me know your thoughts.

Todays movie I was hesitant to post because we had talked about making something for it, and it isn’t complete. Oh well, I will just have to post it later.


Today I will be discussing a B Horror Movie.

Directed By: Claudio Fragasso[1]

starring: Michael Stephenson, George Hardy,

Margo Prey, Connie McFarland, Deborah Reed and Jason Wright.

This wonderfully tragic movie was filmed at a few locations here in Utah. A lot of the actors that made it into acting parts had never acted before and had simply shown up to the casting in hopes of being extras. It shows. Somehow this makes the movie much more loveable.

Despite being a rather tragic movie it has quite the cult following.

Any idea what I am referring to?


One of my favorite facts about this movie is that it has no trolls in it, whatsoever.

They are all goblins. Even live in a town called NILBOG, which is goblin spelled backwards.

Reason being is that it was produced under the title Goblin. Someone(S) didn’t think it would do well on its own, so instead named it as a sequel to the movie, Trolls.

Another reason this movie is so tragic is because the script was written in English by the director and his wife, who by the way weren’t fluent in English. Despite not being fluent he required the script to be done verbatim.

To complicate things even further the director also hired an all Italian crew, who didn’t speak any English.

What does this clusterfuck give you?

The title of one of the worst movies ever made.


A vine Matthew did.


I must admit I had no idea what to expect when Matthew said this was his favorite scene.


I love that this movie is so bad that people have to watch it. I didn’t think I would but honestly I love it. It is so bad its great.

There has even been a documentary, that I now need to go watch. I only watched Trolls 2 last night.

Its called: Best Worst Movie

I can not wait to hear your thoughts on this movie. Let me know in the comments either here or on twitter, instagram, or facebook.

Thank you for reading, have a great day.


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