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Good morning everyone, I hope you guys had a great Monday. Did you? I am very excited for todays post. I have quite a bit to talk about. One of the people in our google+ circle somewhat suggested a show. Although it was more so telling me it was/is better than the Walking Dead. Which of course I had to check out his claim. Then of course the freaking Walking Dead has finally returned. YAY Yay!!!

In addition another zombie show premiered a few weeks ago, so I had to see how it compared.

Lets get this party started.

Tv Talk

Dead Set


A few things

  • British television horror drama
  • created by Charlie Brooker
  • Miniseries
  • Takes place during a fictional Season of Big Brother

I am just watching the first Episode for now. As stated it takes place around a fictional season of Big Brother. I don’t watch big brother, its not my cup of tea. So for that reason, I was stand offish with this show. However, I was pleased to see it wasn’t just a Big Brother episode with zombies thrown all willy nilly.  The miniseries starts off at the TV station where you are watching the “Big Brother” cast memebers doing what they do. Then the behind the scenes crew doing their jobs, and in the background you see a TV with the news on. You start hearing them talk about a sickness, and epidemics and what not. The tv crew of course is more concerned about being bumped for the news. Meanwhile one of the crew members was away from the station picking up some old cast members or their family. Wasn’t really sure, they kept saying a Reunion episode. The driver of the other crew member pulled over for a car on the side of the road. Thusly getting himself bit, by a zombie who was munching on the driver of the car. They rush him back to the station but not before he bites them, and the domino game begins.

An issue I was the zombie growl. Its not gonna keep me from watching it at this point, but it sounded kind of mechanical, reminded me of a transformer.  I don’t remember if it said why they were changing. Although, I suppose they are all similar stories. They get sick and die. Then want brains.

 Thus far, I disagree that it is better. I do believe it has potential, so I will finish the series.

I do feel this is a decent, free, alternative to the walking dead though.

I give it a 3-3.5/5

Based solely on the first episode




Next up is SyFy’s zombie show. ZNation. You follow a rag tag group as they try to live through the zombie apocalypse. I don’t even know what the heck to say. It was bad. I mean, if the walking dead didn’t exist it could be a good option, but as it stands, it is like a d rated walking dead. The photoshop was terrible, dialogue wasn’t much better. They were in my opinion trying too hard to add some mystery to this girl, by giving her flash backs. The sort of antagonist, who is mostly a rude guy, was at one point swarmed and bitten by multiple zombies, and is somewhat healing, but yet turning into a zomibe. What I mean is the wounds have closed but he is pulling out his hair, cause he just realized he is in a slow transition to becoming a zombie.  The zombies weren’t that impressive to me, basically people with gray makeup, and blood, at least what I remember from 5 minutes ago.

Yeah, the guy asks if the forming tornado looks bad.  His role in the show was basically playing 20 questions. You lived near here right? Is that your hometown?  Is that Antoine? Why did you do that? Blah Blah Blah.


If you decide to watch it, let me know what you would rate it.





Returned with a record breaking 17.3 million viewers. I think it is breaking its own record. 🙂

As you know last season the gang was split up and scattered around the woods surrounding the prision. They all made their way for terminus. The signs stating that those that arrive survive. Well, the gang finally arrived at the end of the last season. Many were left speculating that those at terminus were canabils. Our suspisions were confirmed when our favorite guys of twd were almost hamburger themselves.

Is anyone else thrilled with the seasonal progression of Carol?

Starts out a victim. Beaten down by her husband. Now she is the hero. Kickinga** and saving everyone.

I love what they did, last season Rick had her leave for killing people. I know I questioned what I would have done in her situation. What would you have done with those poor sick people? She is right though, this isn’t a situation where you can have hesitation. If she had hesitated with i think her name was Mary, and actually put her weapons down, she would have been in a metal box or on the chopping block.

How many of you teared up?

I know I did, I watched this scene again and still teared up.

I am curious, what do you think of Daryl’s progression in the show? Do you wish he was more hardcore, or do you like the current Daryl?

There is still at least one big question looming.


Sneak Peek


The actress who plays Tara is the real-life sister of Francis from Malcom in the Middle, and Hyde from that 70s show.




Daryls crossbow can be bought at walmart for about 320.00


Have a great day!

Did you enjoy this weeks twd?


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