Halloween/Life After Beth

Posted: October 13, 2014 in Movies
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Good Morning!!

Hey guys, how was your weekends? I for once decided to actually try and relax yesterday. By for once, I mean since I started really getting into the working on our company. Well, I took part of the day off. I enjoyed a cat nap and a few movies with our kids. Then Matthew got home and started working on Unity so I took that opportunity to try and work on a business “problem” I have been having. The problem is still unresolved so its bugging me.

Anyways, its MOVIE MONDAY!!!


If you follow us on Instagram or Tumblr then you probably saw the pictures I posted of the movie a few nights ago.


Figured it out yet?


I won’t go into much detail about the movie, considering most people have seen it. Firstly I would love to discuss the cover. “The Night HE Came Home” I love this, however, in this day and age it sounds more like the slogan for a comedy horror movie. Secondly, I love what they did with the pumpkin. Do you see it?  My favorite thing about a horror movie such as this, is that they don’t go overkill on blood and gore. Its subtle and more realistic. I am not saying that movies like Saw couldn’t happen but I find that movies like this(Halloween) make me more paranoid, but not neccesarily  the fear, that others do. Because, I feel some mentally unstable person could break into my home and stalk us before killing us. Whereas I find it harder to picture many people snatching people from their lives and pulling a Jigsaw.

Of course I would be terrified if I were in either situation. Matthew didn’t find Halloween scary at all. I am sure his watching of every Saw movie in about a 3 day period probably had something to do with that.


Kind of on/off topic.

With our instant access to just about anything we want to watch and our binge watching of things

Do you ever notice that you seem to act differently after binge watching shows like Breaking Bad, or Dexter, or well Saw? Matthew has binge watched each of these and I of course am not saying he became Jig Saw or Dexter or Walter White, but I noticed a slight difference in his personality each time. Of course this could be attributed to just a bad day at work, or something. Just curious if any of your have experienced this?



Remember that slogan from above?

“The Night HE Came Home”

Change that to she and you have a slogan for this next movie.


This movie was essentially a flop. I was just reading that its budget was 2.5 million, and only made 88 thousand. I am assuming that budget went to the actors.

As I stated above that slogan goes great with a comedy horror movie such as this. Although, it wasn’t scary at all so I don’t know if its considered horror. Zombies usually are though. What do you think?
This movie is about a girl names Beth who dies, and for no explanation returns. She returns home thinking it was months before. Her boyfriend and Parents initially try to make everything ok, then the boyfriend starts rebelling and everything goes to hell. It could also just be timing and not the boyfriends rebelling. I am not actually sure. Because, as one point she gets what looks like a sunburn. I however, don’t know if its because she was in the sun, or if it was timing and she was starting to decay or something else. Because, something I wasn’t going to mention, but now feel as though I must, it was a mass zombie uprising. I guess depending on how long you had  been dead depended on what you looked like when you returned. Beth had only died a week before so therefore returned as she was. Whereas later some people that had died many years before, were more gray. However, they didn’t show up in the movie for a few days after the dead started returning so it could have just been they were decaying faster.
It wasn’t a very clear movie.
I personally would give it a 2/5
I hope you watch it though. I would love it if you gave me some feedback on what you thought.






Due to its shoestring budget, the prop department had to use the cheapest $2 mask that they could find in the costume store: a Star Trek (1966) William Shatner mask. They later spray-painted the face white, teased out the hair, and reshaped the eye holes. Shatner admitted that for years he had no idea his likeness was used for this film. It was only during an interview that someone mentioned his mask was being used. He has since stated that he is honored by this gesture.

For years after ‘Halloween’ was released, people would tell writer/director John Carpenter how horrified they were by Michael Myers grotesquely disfigured face, glimpsed when Laurie pulls his mask off for a moment towards the end of the film. But actually all they saw was the ordinary face of the actor playing the role, perfectly normal except for the small knife wound inflicted by Laurie during their struggle in the closet which was created using Special Effects makeup. Carpenter cites this as evidence of the power of suggestion in cinema, that the audience saw a monster on-screen so assumed that he must look like a monster underneath the mask.

Prior to the movie, a book was written by Curtis Richards, and reveals more of the story behind Michael’s rage. However, the book is very rare.(I guess we know what I want for Christmas now. 😀 )



MMFunkoMicheal Myer’s Funko

MMMaskMicheal Myers Mask signed by Jamie Lee Curtis, Nick Castle, and John Carpenter

Have a great day!



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