Posted: October 11, 2014 in ShortFilm
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Its Saturday!
Did you guys have a good Friday? Ours was different. We set out to take the kids to see the movie BoxTrolls. However, we had some time to kill so we stopped at a pet shop just down the road. I would just like to say I walked in wanting a dang frog or turtle, and was looking at the stuff to get. Some how things changed very quickly..We ended up walking out with a cat.
Meet the newest member of our family. Meolfred. (Meow & Alfred(Batman’s Alfred)


When we thought we were getting a girl it was Mary Jane, and then the kids and I decided we wanted Katniss. Then once we found out it was a boy I wanted to go with Peeta. Then Matt said Sheldon, and Leonard I wanted Thackery Binx. Finally he said Alfred and somehow the meow got added.

Short Films

This one caught my attention because its called Boats and because it has Jerry in it.

Crossing Lines

While searching for a tip for today I found a great one, that pertains to not just making short films but game dev or really anything.
Don’t give up
There’s going to be so many times when you just can’t get the shot right or you just can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Keep pushing at it, break it into chunks, and tackle each bit on its own.
One of the best ways I think to achieve your goal is to envision that you’ve already achieved it. Just imagine the reward that you’ll get and have that in mind to keep your enthusiasm up.
Animation Mentor

handbookSet Lighting Technician’s Handbook
I never considered this would be something you would need to learn, but I am very curious what it says. Especially, since one day I may have to help Matthew make a short film.

Making Short Filmsshortfilm guide book

Have a great weekend.

I hope you enjoy The Walking Dead. Let me know what you think of the season premiere.


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