Posted: October 10, 2014 in Games
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Hey guys, how was your Thursday? Ours was pretty good. I played some Final Fantasy Tactics, while Matt attempted a blog post. Of course the thing he was going to write about was shut down for the night or something unexpected. I am up way earlier than I have been in years. Its not even 5 am yet. Maya(our pitbull) decided it would be fun to bark with the dogs next door. Of course now that I am awake she is snoring on the other side of the couch.



I also think that the Skype call to my sick Grandpa has me wired or Idk its way too early for words.

I find it crazy that with how much I use technology that I forgot about the option to Skype with my Grandpa. I am so excited/nervous. I haven’t seen him in a few years, given that we live 1300 miles away, and its a very long drive with kids, and 2000.00 or something like that to fly is crazy. Honestly, I suppose I have taken him for granted. I looked up to him growing up, he was kind of my superman. I guess I just never stopped to think that my superman could in fact be mortal.

updated: I got to talk to my Grandpa. πŸ˜€ Of course the second he got on camera I started to cry.

Before I fall asleep I should probably move on.


I love getting suggestions for movies/tv/games, etc. Todays comes from the developer himself.


Developer: Mark Brown

It is still in beta.

Expected release date: October 21, 2014

What the developer had to say about it.

“The game was created as a way to learn the new 2D system in Unity. I really wanted to create a game that everyone could pick up and play right away because of Candy Crush, but not just another copy cat. So while the game play is similar, the objectives are what set it apart.”


He asked me to be brutally honest, and I promised I would try.

The first thing you notice is it is simplistic

I will be honest I felt like an idiot, when trying to figure this out. There wasn’t rules so, since he said it was similar to candy crush saga and bejeweled, that is how I expected to play it. After a few tries and not being able to figure out wth I was doing wrong, I called in backup, Matthew. He tried it the same way I did, and then realized it was a bit more involved than that. Your objective is to match the color balls to the correct column, not just arranging them in groups of 3 or more.

After having played the game on hard and then normal, I find that it was enjoyable. I liked it, my only concern is that I don’t know if it has continued playability. Although, I am sure someone out there probably said the same thing about the aforementioned games.



First up is worms, I mean

Bad Eggs Online 2.

Coming soon to ios and android


Drone: Shadow Strike

coming soon


Ian Marsh from NimbleBit said something similar when he said that an indie developer should never spend more than 6 months on a project. As an indie dev, especially early in your career, one of the most important things is to make as many games as you can so you can gain a lot of experience in a short time, and so you can figure out what you are good at and what you are bad at. If you put too much time into any one project it will prevent you from moving on and trying other things. On top of this, the extra time you put into the original project will just put more pressure on its success and will make its potential failure even worse. GameDevelopment

Would you agree with this tip?


unityBook2-800x420Unity 4.x Game Development by Example Beginner’s Guide



How many of these have you tried?

Have a wonderful day.


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