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Posted: October 7, 2014 in Tv
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Since its October and almost Halloween, I feel I should be opening the blog in a spooky way.

Except I really have no idea where to go after that. lol Did you guys have a good Monday? I really enjoyed my evening. We ordered pizza and Matthew and I played LBP. I know that screams hardcore gamer. πŸ˜‰Β  Its fun and leisurely which is a great thing when you have kids that ask questions every 30 seconds.

Matthew did a small craft project the other day. Is it a craft project if you spray paint something? Maybe I should just say project. I think it looks awesome. Check it out..


Not bad for a 4 year old remote and a $5.00 can of spray paint.

What do you think? Would you spray paint an old controller?

Tv Time

Last week I talked about Fox’s new show Gotham. I suppose I could do another week of that, but I want to talk about a show that I love that it premiering in a few days. Have you guessed it yet?

UPDATE: The Walking dead has already been renewed for a 6th season!!!



Spoilers ahead

Lets start with a recap of the previous seasons.

Season 1

Rick wakes up from a coma, alone in a hospital. Well, sort of..

He heads to Atlanta in his search for Lori and Carl. Meanwhile, Lori has been getting “friendly” with his best friend, Shane.

Carol’s abussive husband dies, Andrea’s sister dies, basically a bunch of people die.


Season 2

Carl gets shot and that leads them to Hershel’s farm. Where they later find the barn is full of walkers.


Carol’s Daughter Sophia.

Lori finds out she is pregnant, is it Shane’s, is it Rick’s. Who knows? Shane kind of goes rogue tries to kill Rick. Rick kills him, and then Carl shoots walker Shane. The farm gets over run with walkers and Andrea gets left behind.Β  and thusly saved by, my favorite character.


Could you ask for a better entrance for a character then walking up with a Katana and 2 pet walkers? I think not.


Season 3

Since fleeing the farm last season they have been wandering for a while. Finally, the group stumbles upon a prison. Where they decide to take up refuge. Of course it isn’t abandoned. Full of walkers and a few prisoners.

Lori gives birth during a walker invasion and Carl has to shoot her.

Andrea and Michonne meet the Govenor.

After Lori’s death, Rick starts melting down. He sees Lori and starts talking to someone on the phone.

Woodbury joins some live entertainment when Daryl and Meryl finally find each other.

Oh right, Meryl is show to have survived chopping his hand off onto of the roof in Season 1.

Glenn and Maggie are kidnapped, by Meryl, and taken to Woodbury where the Governor shows a bit of his hand.

There is a mini attack, or rather a search and rescue on Woodbury. The Governor retaliates. The group wants to fight back but Rick is unsure. Governor asks for a meeting, thusly saying hey we won’t kill you if you bring me Michonne. He is mad because Michonne killed his walker daughter. (Ps, this situation is more violent in the comic.) The boy crazy naive Andrea dies.


Season 4

Well, this season starts out seeming like everything has finally come together.

Then the sickness arrives. The group has to split into different areas of the prision.

The Governor takes on a false identity, and gains a new group. He then returns to the prision. He kills Herschel. Michonne kills him and the group is split up again. They begin searching for each other, and all find the sign for Terminus.

Lizzie kills Mika, Carl kills Lizzie. Beth is kidnapped. Daryll joins a group of bad men, well not really bad, just different, then the others.

Most arrive at the end of the tracks.

Unfortunately things aren’t ideal.

Are you ready for the new season? Who is your favorite Character?



Definition: the end of a travel route (such as a rail or bus line) or the station at the end of a travel route

: the end of something


In Roman religion, Terminus was the god who protected boundary markers; his name was the Latin word for such a marker. Sacrifices were performed to sanctify each boundary stone, and landowners celebrated a festival called the “Terminalia” in Terminus’ honor each year on February 23.


Walking Dead Stuff

Β twd2


The Walking Dead FUNKO POP signed by David Morrissey THE GOVERNOR AMC Tv Series



Are you glad the Governor/Brian are gone?

Have an awesome day!!


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