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Good Morning

Hey everyone did you have a good Sunday? Ours was pretty good, Matthew was able to fix our ps3 that our son had broke a few years ago. We d,on’t procrastinate at all. 😉

Since, I started blogging almost everyday, back in August I  have spent almost every free minute reading about how to grow our business. It is kind of funny to me, to watch Matthew finally reach that point, but his learning/reading is about how gamedev. We are going to attempt to use Unity for our  next game.

!!Enough about business and gamedev, today is Movie Monday!!!



Starring: Rebecca Hall & Johnny Depp

Director: Wally Pfister

Writer: Jack Paglen

Imdb Rating: 6.3


Johnny Depp is a scientist who gets shot, by some rogue individuals who are opposed to his work, and he dies from radiation poisoning. In a moment or I suppose many moments of despair his wife decides to upload his conscious to a server/computer, not really sure where they uploaded it. From there essentially “all hell breaks lose”. Except it really doesn’t


So I could write it down I used my phone to record our thoughts while we watched the movie.

Here are some of what we had to say.

  • “This is bulls***”- Matthew
  • “That looked like Raggedy Ann”-Me
  • “It was Raggedy Ann the later years. Andys gone……”-Matthew
  • “Why did she dye her f**kin hair?”-Matthew(Idk why but that made him mad)

So there is a line in the movie its talking about how they tested the system on a monkey first.

The female rebel leader talks about how they crossed a line. ‘The machine that thought he was a monkey never ate or slept he only screamed.”

Our response: “So”

It was a dang machine, the monkey yes I can feel bad for the monkey. But the machine didn’t need to eat or sleep, it was a machine.

I suppose if you look deeper it does pose a good question. If, well when, computers/robots etc have consciousness how will we treat them and respond to them. Will we just regard them as just intelligent computers or will they be sentient beings?

The acting was great.

Johnny Depp plays creepy well.

The story just had holes.

My rating 3/5

Matthew’s: 2/5


IronManIf you don’t follow us on social media you really should. 🙂 The other day I shared a photo of the headline that Robert Downey Jr. said he would be open to Ironman 4 IF Mel Gibson directs it. What do you think of this news? I think it could be a good thing. One of the most popular movies around is Braveheart which he directed and I know he hasn’t been favorable in the last few years but we all have our demons. Robert Downey Jr. himself had to come back from his a low point, but I think he has done an amazing job. The extraordinary thing is that, not so long ago, Downey Jr was a poster boy for wasted talent. Broke and in and out of prison because of his self-destructive taste for booze and never-ending quantities of weapons-grade drugs, he was reduced at one point to earning eight cents an hour scrubbing pizza pans in the kitchen of the LA County Jail.” DailyMail
Why couldn’t this be Mel Gibson’s time for a comeback?


Not much about another HellBoy but this is what Jeffery Tambor said while on the Colbert Report: “There is actually talk of a ‘Hellboy 3,’ but they better hurry or I’m going to be in a walker.”


Horrible Bosses 2 Trailer #3


Intersteller Trailer #3


Hermione Mix


The Invincible Iron Man Stealth Version Marvel Universe by Bowen Designs


Didn’t know he had stealth that just makes him that much more awesome.

Have an awesome day!


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