The Shift/ Red Balloon

Posted: October 4, 2014 in ShortFilm
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Hey Everyone

How’s it going?

Exciting news, Matthew is at least considering doing his own blog on this site. I believe he has named it, “According to This Guy”. Awesome right?! I can’t wait to see what he does with it. I will add the link as soon as he puts his first on up.

Short Films

While searching for my pick for todays film I found a awesome site, where I found today’s pick

You can go there and read all about the film

  • Director: Francesco Calabrese
  • Set in the 1960s
  • Sci-fi

I have to admit part of the reason this caught my attention is because I love the look of that time.

“The Shift”


“The Red Balloon”

Random “Films”

Personal Films count right…..right.

Ok if the internet has proven only one thing its that we love watching cats being goofy.

Funny Video:Funny Cats


I’m Making a Short Film

Random “Facts” sort of

Go there to read the whole article

  1. The Shorter the better
  2. Keep the practicalities of writing in mind
  3. Make it Visual
  4. Find Single Moments
  5. Tell a Story
  6. Engage the Reader
  7. Beware of Cliches.



What story do you think the director/writer was trying to portray in today’s short film?

We rewatched 2005’s Sin City this last week, and were very shocked to see

Good night ladies and gentlemen. Have a great Sunday.


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