Cloak/ Fist of Fury

Posted: October 3, 2014 in Games, Tech
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Hey everyone

I hope you had a great couple of days. I am writing this with a heavy heart. I received the news yesterday that my Grandpa does in fact have cancer. My mother texted me this morning that the doctors have said there is nothing that they can do.

Here is Thursdays and Fridays posts…

Tech Thursday

“I know what that is, its an invisibility cloak.”

Unfortunately, I won’t be posting about Harry’s cloak. However, the developers did state that they were inspired by his cloak. They have have used inexpensive objects to bend light in what they deem a simple optical illusion.


GameDev Friday

Written By: Matthew

Arranged By:Me

Ok, so the app today is Fist of Fury.


This game is easy to learn but hard to
master ( impossible ). It is quick to play which makes it great to play when
you don’t have much time.
You play as a character standing in the middle of four paths. Ninjas start
moving towards you on each path and you have to swipe your finger
across the screen in the direction of the nearest ninja to knock him off the
path. Every time you knock a ninja off the path your score goes up by one
and the goal is to stay alive and get a high score.
The cool thing is that you start feeling like your kicking ass. Every swipe of
your finger feels like you’re punching somebody in the face. It’s great!
They have plenty of characters to unlock and different environments to
play in.
If you have 30 seconds and your password to the App Store you should
definitely give this one a try.

Tech Youtube


Game Youtube

Picked by: Matthew

This game is one of the most underrated games I’ve ever played. It is an
amazing strategy game. More people need to know about this game. It is
also cross-platform compatible you can play on your iPad, computer or
android device. If you’re into any tactics games or strategy games then
this game is definitely for you

Throwback Tech stuff


I really wanted one!!


Game Stuff


Have you played it?

Have a good day all.


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