Tetris Movie/ Zombieland2

Posted: October 1, 2014 in Web
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Hey everyone

Good morning everyone. How are you doing? Matthew got up early so I am wide awake. It is a coffee morning.

 I created a blogger account yesterday. I was considering doing just the same posts, but I think it would be better to do something different. What should I do it on? I also told Matt he should do that one.  suppose I could do something like a vlog and then put it on there. But then we go back to what do I do it on.  Enough with the small talk lets get on to. Web Wednesday.

Web Wednesday Discussion

Tetris Movie

So this post has pissed me off already this morning. This is literally that second time I am writting todays blog so I am not doing the same thing.

I am just going to talk about things I have read.

The WSJ posted that we might be getting a Tetris movie. I am very curious about this. Do they plan to do it like The Wizard,

where the game is the underline subject but you follow the main characters? It said that they thankfully will not be giving the lines legs. Let us rejoice at that….Yah!!!

Zombieland 2

In other news Nerdist posted that we may be getting another Zombieland. I believe it said that it has a writter and the original Director should be returning. Only problem with this whole thing, is that the stars have gotten even bigger since that movie, and therefore will probably not be returning. Lets hope they do, because, I believe about 99% of sequals where none of the original cast returns flops.

Awesome Youtube

Everything Wrong with Fightclub


More Walking/Talking Dead BadLip Reading

Totally Random Facts


Randomly Awesome Stuff

SuperheroStuff.com has a mystery box to

SuperHeroStuff - Shop Now!

StayPuff Marshmallow Man Pajamas

footed pajamas

I wonder if I could convince Matt to get me these as my Christmas pajamas. 🙂

 Have a great Day!


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