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Morning All

I haven’t even had my coffee yet and I am already in a goofy mood, so it can only get better. 🙂

 Nothing like watching a show through one of your computers attached to your tv while trying to type on your laptop, too many mice…mouse? I am literally watching today’s shows while I am writing. Too much detail lost when I watch it even the night before. So lets hope it makes todays blog post the best ever.

Possible Spoilers

Opens up and cat woman is already stealing, milk and wallets. She is one of my favorite “villains”. Dang I had no idea they were going to start the show off with his parents dieing. I probably should have known, but I figured it would be at least a couple of episodes in. I suppose you can see their relationship in the 60 seconds they are alive. Holy crap its the guy from Grounded for Life. (Like I said I am watching it while writing so you will get pretty much every thought. 😀 ) So was the guy blind or crazy? Why on earth would he think the pills that said Aspirin sitting on the desk was his pills? I don’t blame him. If I saw my parents get shot point blank I wouldn’t be chatty either. Need that kind of hassle? Dang cop! Why did he lean in to say know how you feel? I would like to say, I wish I lived in the times when people dressed up to go to the movies. I haven’t read the comics so I have always wondered why is he left with Alfred? Comment below if you know. Harvey is a giant ass. Gotham’s word of the day, brought to you buy Jim Gordon; lack·a·dai·si·cal-lacking enthusiasm and determination; carelessly lazy. Why do muggers always seem to stop around the corner? What if I had been chasing you? Riddler is that you? My next favorite one, mostly cause of Jim Carrey.

Mrs. Smith, I mean Fish, shaking people down. Hanging with Penguin. Cool glass of milk? I wonder how that compares to tall glass of water. Cheery, welcoming thugs, creepier than angry looking ones. Harvey switching out his milk of magnesia for booze. Save the little girl!!!! I guess that was an empty threat there Jim. Could have just shot him in his leg, while he was running away. Logic seems lost in shows. Dun dun dun. Note to self always check in the bag of coke. Of course I believe hers broke, so it can’t be Mrs. Wayne’s. Bruce seems mature beyond his years. Oh, Jealous ex? I hate it when people make claims like she did, without actual proof. We have been through that with people making false claims that could ruin our lives. Matt’s day job leaves him open to that but ahh drives me crazy how selfish people can be. How would you lose your jobs? They confronted a criminal who ran, then attacked an officer with a knife. I would say it was justified. Bad actin!. Jim’s girlfriend, fiance whatever didn’t seem worried about him at all. As a wife of almost 9 years, I  know what I would look like if Matt never came home from his walk, and it wouldn’t be like someone told me they were out of bread. Why do all leading mob or whatever women refer to themselves as Mother? I’d hate to be that kid onstage during all that. Wow its the executioner. Who was the old guy? Ok, he is a (bad) business man who basically owns Gotham. Nice move Gordon. Gotham needs good guys. I want Bruce’s house. Damn Bruce get off there, don’t you know that’s dangerous. Wow, wouldn’t it be crazy is Alfred killed his parents? Motive, opportunity, knew where they were going to be, plus he more than likely wears shiny shoes. Moving on… Actually that was the end.

Have you seen the pilot yet? Did you like it? If you haven’t click the Gotham gif above.

Youtube  Batman Stuff

Normally I would put tv trailers here. I probably could have, but most shows have started or are literally about to start, or just not what you want to see like….

Cw site says,”Olivia “Liv” Moore was a rosy-cheeked, disciplined, over-achieving medical resident who had her life path completely mapped out…until the night she attended a party that unexpectedly turned into a zombie feeding frenzy. As one of the newly undead, Liv is doing her best to blend in and look as human as possible. Her appearance now passes for “Goth,” with shockingly pale skin and nearly white hair, and her demeanor has gone from exuberant to exhausted.”

(I am intrigued and annoyed by this. Anyone else see Warm Bodies? No?! I don’t blame you, I only made it about 5-10 minutes in. I maybe I will finish it and discuss it for next weeks Movie Monday. But I digress.)

so I figured it’d be more fun to watch peoples “Batman Stuff”.

Fifty Ways Superman could beat Batman


Gotham Episode 2: Top 5 Easter Eggs

Gotham Facts

Full Article

1. Gotham Will Take Place During the Period Where Bruce Wayne’s Parents are Killed

2. Several Members of the Gotham City Police Department Will Make Up the Show’s Roster

3. Fish Mooney Will Be Introduced as a New Character in The Gotham Universe

4. A Young Penguin and Catwoman Will Be Seen Throughout the Show

5. Several Other Infamous Batman Villains Will Also Star in the Show

6. A Young Bruce Wayne Will Be Featured Prominently

7. Early Reviews of the 1st Episode Have Been Largely Positive

8. The Show is Being Promoted Via a Fictional News Website Based in Gotham

9. Gotham Will Also Air in Australia, Canada and the UK

10. Netflix Has Already Signed on to Stream Episodes of the Show

Random Tv(ish) Stuff

I wasn’t able to find individual pics, but oh well. TeeFury is having a grab bag sale on their awesome looking shirts. $6.00 each. I love the Dark Knight Clown mask one.


Have a great day!

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