Posted: September 26, 2014 in Games
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Morning guys

Morning everyone. Did you have a good Thursday? I am just going to say this, my heart really in this today. It’s actually with my Grandpa in Oklahoma. My mother called me yesterday afternoon, and told me that what was believed to be gallstones might in fact be cancer. A specialist is suppose to be checking him out today.

But I suppose the show must go on…


Immunition:Game of Cells
Release:Sept 18, 2014

Seller:Skillshot Labs




Take command of microbes and pathogens and have them unleash war on each other! Come up with tactics to defend yourself and strike down on your enemies! Prepare yourself for hours of battles with the immune system and disease-causing invaders! Immunition: Game Of Cells is a strategy game that draws roots from the classic game Battleship. Choose your units and deploy them onto the field! Take your opponent’s units down one by one with your regular attacks or try and eliminate them in bulk with your special scouts!

I am glad to see that they describe it as Battleship, because that is exactly what I was thinking of while playing it.

I am just going to say it I give it a 5/5

Things I liked

  • The overall look
  • The sounds actually go with this type of game
  • I love that there are different modes. You can do practice, 2 player pass n’ play as well as local multiplayer (coming soon)

I could probably list more, but the gist is try it.

Game Trailers

Assassin’s Creed Unity- China DLC


Deep Down

Game Facts From Around the Web


A covered well can be found in the naval fort of Punta Guarico. It’s possible to hear pleading pirates from within the well that have been imprisoned there.(

codOn the map “Point of Contact” in Extinction mode, shooting the glowing L, then O, and then the L again on the “Gil’s Lodge Motel” sign will display the acronym “LOL” on the screen, and cause all aliens killed within the next few minutes to explode into golden martian plushies. (

Board Games

RISKRisk Legacy. If you love a game with continued playabilty you should try this. A friend of ours bought this back in April, I think, and we have played it several times. With different things, such as anilating a player, you get to open a new pack of cards. You sign your name to the board after every win. Whats also amazing is that the board is always changing from lands that give the defender +1 to their defense or the attacker -1. Then so much more.

Have a great day!! 🙂


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