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How are you guys doing?

You know this site allows us to see what country our readers are from. I am very interested in learning something new about where you all live. What is something you love about your country that isn’t very well know?

Last night I wrote a blog post about NJOY ecigs. It isn’t posted yet its a sponsored post so it’ll be posted whenever they want to post it(it posted while I was finishing this). It was kind of nice to be able to write about something I didn’t know much, about when I started. Of course they wanted an overview of their product and the company so it reads more like a manual than anything I would normally write.


Tv Tuesday

Yesterday I was able to check out the pilot for abc’s new show “Selfie”.

Air Date: September 30, 2014

Starring: Karen Gillan and John Cho

 check out the trailer.

One of the first things I noticed with the show is that I don’t relate to the social media obsessed version of Eliza at all.

I actually asked Matthew if this type of person who speaks saying, #lol, exists.

If so wtf, if something is funny, laugh, don’t say #lol.

Moving on, I did crack up when she dumped vomit all over herself.

Other than that I didn’t really like it. I will give it another chance, because usually the pilot is worse than the rest of the series. However, there is a reason there is a saying that “old habits die hard”. I guess not in this case, Eliza makes almost a complete 180 in under 30 minutes or I would guess a matter of a week in the episode time frame. The best thing about the show was the message they were trying to get across. To put the phone don’t and actually experience life. As well as, “being friended isn’t the same as having friends”.

I understand this probably isn’t always the case. Matthew was telling me a few weeks ago, about how a few years ago Phillip Defranco’s dad became sick and needed a kidney or something and he turned to his nation. Someone was actually a match and able to help. I feel that if they didn’t connected with him than they wouldn’t have done that. Then again maybe I am not giving people enough credit. Maybe it was just an awesome person who simply wanted to help.

Since I have approached rambling lets wrap this up.

The pilot I would have to rate at 2/5.

Like I said I will give it another shot but not for long if it doesn’t improve.

Have you seen the pilot?

Check it out here, and then let me know what you think.


American Horror Story: Freak Show

I hate clowns so hopefully there isn’t too many in this season.

What has been your favorite season so far?


The Flash:Extended Trailer

When I first heard about it I wasn’t very interested in this show. However, after watching the trailer I think I am going to have to give it a try.

Will you watch it?


Gotham:Extended Trailer

Were you able to watch the premiere last night? What did you think?

Tv Stuff

CockyCocky belt buckle Booth wears on Bones. I kind of just thought it was made for him on the show.

Breaking Bad Beaker coffee mug BreakingBad

OzFunkoOz Funko. I am so excited to see this. I told Matt I want all the Buffy Funkos for Christmas.

Walking Dead crossbow coffee mug.  TWDcoffeemug

!!Go live!!


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