Did you have a good weekend? Ours was rather uneventful, which was a nice change. Watched a movie and ordered pizza last night. I guess I am a cheap date. I enjoy watching movies and doing commentary like

“Mystery Science Theater 3000”

Speaking of weird films…

It’s time for Movie Monday!!

The Happening

This was our “pick” for last night.


This movie came out in 2008.

Was Directed by M. Night Shyamalan

Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Zooey Deschanel, John Leguizamo

I am not even sure where to start. We HATED this movie.

In less than 15 minutes Matthew was swearing at the tv. I suppose that’s an acceptable reaction to a Science teacher seemingly speaking as though Science is bs.

I am a fan of Jess, Marky Mark, and Luigi. They all are good actors.

NOT IN THIS MOVIE!! Lines were delivered so poorly, I frankly did give a crap about a single one of them.

There isn’t really a sense of danger to the main characters. There are times where your lead to believe something is going to happen to them, but even in that time there really isn’t a sense of “OMG are they going to make it.” Frankly Who cares?!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the big bad is the plants.

With how good Sixth Sense was it surprises me that this movie turned out this way.

Was Sixth Sense a fluke?

“What’s Wrong with THE HAPPENING”

Something he didn’t mention that we were confused by was the group of about 8 conductors. Were they all on this one train? Did they just stop a bunch of trains over the course of a few miles and decide to all meet up in this little town?

Why did the people in the diner decide to go 90 miles away because “The Happening” wasn’t happening there? Especially, since the f**king “Happening” wasn’t happening where they were.

Also, why the hell did they not just all sit in the field about 5 to 10 feet apart. Hell they figured it was the group size that was setting the trees off. If it started with big groups wouldn’t someone have thought omg what if it eventually gets down to 2 person groups.

Also, why did the plant guy die? If it was suppose to be bad vibes, I think Miss Zooey Deschanel’s affair having character would have been spewing them (bad guilt vibes)more than that guy.

Have you seen it. Did you enjoy it?

If you have watched it and enjoyed it, what did you like about it?

Low Down


Big Eyes



Movie Stuff

If I had an extra 10,000.00 I would definitely be buying this.

I love “Back to the Future”


Original Movie Prop – Back to the Future Part I – Original Plutonium Fuel Cell – Authentic



Not a movie but pretty cool

Game of Thrones Loras Tyrell Helm


  • Officially licensed from HBO’s Game of Thrones
  • Wearable fiberglass with operable visor
  • Includes silkscreened stand with Tyrell sigil
  • Limited edition of 1000 pieces.
  • Includes certificate of authenticity.


Original Movie Prop – Kick-Ass Kick-Ass Comic Prop


Have a great day!

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