Whats Up?!

Good morning all. How was the rest of your Thursday?

I kid you not this is how mine went…

Oh my gosh, I should have probably had a hazmat suit on.

Matthew asked Isaac if he missed. His response, “a little”. I was thinking wtf this is not a little.

App Time

Todays App is

1 Line 2 Balls


Release Date: 9/16/2014

Developer: Planet of the Apps LTD

Description: “1 line 2 balls!

Can you survive the journey?

Control the two moving balls with a single tap, dodge the lines and keep rolling towards the unknown!”

Basically you have 2 balls that are moving from center to side dodging the oncoming lines. You simply tap to change it direction to dodge said lines. You do not lose for hitting the lines you lose only if the balls are “squashed”.  I found I did just fine letting the ball go on its on and not tapping at all. Sadly not much better when I did actually tap. Says more about my hand eye coordination than it does about the game. There are quite a few people with 70-90 scores.

I will give it a 4/5

Bloodborne Official TGS Gamesplay Trailer

I think this looks awesome. Yes it may be similar to other games but it doesn’t make it any less aesthetically pleasing.

FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD Gameplay Trailer – PS4 Xbox One

Final Fantasy isn’t one of the games we usually follow. However, I have considered getting it and trying it out. I vaguely remember watching my brother play a couple of them when we were little.

Are you a fan of the series?

Board Games

I found it on Vat19

  • 2 players
  • Ages 10+

I will admit it,  I suck at chess, but I love to play/try. This looks like its right up my alley.


If your a fan Jenga, or just like nerve-wracking games, check out Suspend.

Game Inspired Stuff

Shirt/Hoodie Design from ShirtPunch



Have a great weekend!


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