Throwback Thursday

Posted: September 18, 2014 in Random
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Ladies and Gentlemen I interrupted your regularly scheduled podcast to bring you,

this post, duh! 🙂

I am starting super late, its 2 pm here. I had to go be domestic and get groceries. With how energized I am you’d think I had coffee but nope. I guess I’m just in a good mood. Better finish my post before it goes away.

Damn I think I just realized why I’m in  a good mood I’m eating chocolate(Butterfingers:My favorite candy bar)

“Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger”

Slogan of the 90’s


Gather round your computer screens. Its time for Elizabeth’s tales of time gone past.

If this was “Are You Afraid of the Dark” (one of my favorite shows as a kid), I would say “submitted for the approval of the midnight society”…

Before I get to the story I would also like to add I found this gif online and it just so happens to be of the scariest episode for me. When I am around pools or lakes I still think about it and its the only name I remember. Probably pretty sad a kids show traumatized me. lol

Ok on we go. I am going to attempt to tell you about the day Matthew and I met in person without being too sappy or long winded.

I wish I knew Matthew’s part but I am pretty sure his day wasn’t much different. Also, I don’t know why at the age of 20 my mom never said anything about me getting on a plane and flying across the country to stay with this guy and his family. But whatever. So my mom dropped me off at the airport at about noon for my I think 2 o’clock flight. It was a beautiful March day in Arkansas.(Most people don’t know where that is so…)


About 1-1:30 we get the announcement that our flight is late due to snow in Denver. Which, is where my 3 hour layover was suppose to be. Oh yeah, now I remember part of Matt’s day he spent it on the phone with me. So 2 o’clock comes and goes. Around 3 I believe they tell us its going to be even later. I think my wait was about 6 hours. Finally the plane arrives we get on and thankfully I got a window seat. Since it was my first time flying I probably shouldn’t have done that since I was nervous, but I loved it. I forgot to mention that XNA (Arkansas airport) had given us alternate flights. Upon arrival in Denver I prepared for the alternate flight. Went to the bathroom, went to that gate which was at the opposite side of where we got off the plane. Sat down and called Matt. We talk for a few minutes and I started wondering where everyone was. I finally went up to the counter and talk to the lady. She tells me my original flight was still there, going to leave in about 10 minutes. I look at my ticket, that plane is back on the other side of the airport. So I fast walked to the other end of the airport. Arriving just before they started boarding. At this point I think its about 8 o’clock. After when I was suppose to have arrived in Utah but not by much. I don’t remember the cause but we ended up sitting on the plane for approximately 30 minutes. I am exhausted and anxious at this point, but it was neat to see it snowing in Denver. Ok, so around 10 I finally arrived. Yet again I go to the bathroom, get fixed up. I call Matthew and go to  try and find him. Its about to get weird and cheesey. Its unavoidable. We saw each other at oposite ends of the hall. We continue to walk up to each other until we get close. Then I do something very weird.

I got close enough to hug him but didn’t. Matthew describes it so much better. I am a shy person so this was out of my comfort zone. Matt hugs me and then he says something about getting my luggage. I nod or something. So we walk over to get my luggage and I stupidly smile and nod. Meanwhile Matthew is reciting most of the movie “TommyBoy”

Unfortunately I hadn’t memorized the lines from the movie so I had no idea what the hell he was talking about. So I kind of just sat there confused and smiling. We finally get my luggage and walk to the jeep(do you remember from last week)


In true gentlemen form he opens my door for me, and sitting on my chair is I can’t remember if it was a dozen roses or one, as well as an adoption certificate and a bear.


Yeah, I still have him 8 years later. Anyways, so we leave the airport, and start heading towards his parents house. Except, he had only been home for about a month, and only lived In the Salt Lake area about 2 months before he moved away and it was dark. So, we got lost for about 30 minutes. Thankfully!!! Because, it was this that made me finally comfortable and was able to talk and joke, and yes mock him. lol.

So I don’t have to write about this next week I am going to finish up this part of our story. Our first kiss was that night. We were laying on the lovesac in the basement theater watching one of the Harry Potter movies. Then Matthew mentioned how I had said I would give him a kiss. So I felt bad and went to kiss him on the cheek and he turned his head. Moving along….About 3 days later his parents called us up(from the basement theater, we still watch a ton of movies) and sat us down. Kind of serious like, and asked if we wanted to get married. Long story short 2.5 weeks later we were married.

Back from the dead

I just checked Amazon and it has a 12ct 16oz package for almost 250.00.


You know what I use to drink and would like to see if it was even worth remembering all these years.

Was looking around and found this..


and it reminded me of the movie

Have a great day/night! 🙂


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