Today feels like a coffee morning.


Isaac woke me up at about 2:30 this morning and I wasn’t able to go back to sleep for a while. Anyways, did you guys have  a good Tuesday. Mine was good but weird.

Short story!

 So we have had 1 chicken for probably about 6 months now(sadly our others died). Well, this last Friday I started to get worried, because I hadn’t seen her like I normally do. Matthew offered to help me look. She had found herself a hard to reach nesting spot. Matthew called her and she didn’t move. So knowing how I would react he told me to go inside. I of course didn’t 🙂 It took me a few minutes to get to that point but I started to tear up. I know this probably sounds weird if you don’t have chickens but they are kind of like dogs. Trust me on that. She followed us around, and came when we called, etc.

Well yesterday I was making Kylee and Isaac their lunch and all the sudden I hear a really loud kind of distraught clucking just outside our kitchen window. In the moment I was afraid to look outside(I think I watch/read too much walking dead cause for a moment I was afraid of seeing a zombie chicken. Eek lol ).


(google images)

Turns out she has some eggs that she is trying to hatch. Sadly we don’t have a rooster so its all for not.


If you follow us on any of our social media accounts you probably have seen that I am working on learning the ins and outs of Photoshop. So last night I put this together…


As I posted last night, “No he isn’t dead just leaving Mojang”.

Web Wednesday

 Nerd Raps in the Hood

Build your own Game Boy
Vsauce Lut

 Xbook One

I kept reading the title as Xbox One. The mind its an interesting thing. lol

I want one!





(Pictures are links to the sites)

It's All A Matter of Perspective - Imgur

Have a great Day!


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