Human Revolution/ Believe the Dance

Posted: September 13, 2014 in ShortFilm
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Hey there

Last night Matthew and I checked out the show Utopia.

The video makes it seem so much more civil then it was. All within the first week there was 2 squabbles, a ton of arguments, some tantrums, one girl cried, and lastly there was “theft”.

We aren’t really fans of reality tv, something about watching people do stupid stuff just causes me to stress. I will admit I use to watch 16 and Pregnant, but I had to stop watching it because it stressed me out so much.

Me sitting there yelling at the tv. ->

Welcome to ShortFilm Saturday

For todays cinematic pleasure we bring you

My choice: Human Revolution

Directed by Moe Charif.


Matthews Choice: BelieveTheDance

I think it was done by MAEF


The Judge

Have a great weekend.

  1. DWPenner says:

    I just discovered that this fall there are two series with the title “Utopia” that have just started… one is the “Reality” show you mention and the other is… I believe …fiction. It is playing on “Space” here in Canada and I assume it may be on the SciFi network in the US. Ya mean they are so hard up finding one word titles for shows now? I missed the premiere of one because I had programmed the old PVR to record it… and it was going to record the one on Space rather than the one on Fox… I started watching that until they started a huge hissy fit over 2 bananas. I switched over to something else and never came back… However… I don’t know that I’ll care for the one on the Space network when I watch them… It looks to be a bit “formulaic” to me. I’ll give it a chance though. I often watch for the characters as much as the plot in any case. (I’m not sure if I’m weird that way… looking to see what the characters are doing and how they are growing and changing in light of the plot..)



    • Yeah, I had a hard time watching it after they threw the hissy fit about the bananas. Dave left, one of the founding members of the Utopia for Freedom or whatever their name was. Thats kind of funny that there’s 2 shows with the same name. Although, I suppose its been a long time coming. Instead of new movies they make like 8 of one that does mildly well. I’m curious about this one on your “Space” network. Let me know if you think its worth checking out. I suppose if your weird, so am I. Many movies are ruined for me because it has such bad or nonexistent character development.


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