Posted: September 12, 2014 in Games
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Good afternoon all. Fridays are the first day of our weekend so thats why I am not getting around to writing this until almost 2pm.

In addition to the app today I also wanted to say if your on twitter you should follow us, πŸ™‚

but also these awesome people.


Todays app is Coolorino.

The maker/makers of this contacted me on twitter and I figured I would try it out.

Upon opening the page to this app I became very curious, because when we took our trip to Yellowstone at the end of July Matt and one of his friends came up with an idea that is very similar to this.

Once I played the app it was clear it was not the app we were planning on making. Which was a bummer and a good thing all at the same time. πŸ˜‰

Anyways, this app is made by 8181 Games.

Released September 5, 2014

My favorite thing about this game was the music.

Instead of telling you about it I will let you see.

As you can see in the video its kind of like Bejeweled. In that you match colors.

I love that it isn’t the same and that you have to turn the blocks to match up the colors, adding an aspect to the game I haven’t seen. As I stated before I like the music. It reminds me of “LBP”,Β  not sure why.

Elizabeth 3.5/5

Matt 2/5

Game Randomness

Looking to mod your game of Starcraft II? Try this mod.

How to Turn Starcraft II into the Warcraft Blizzard won’t make.

P.S my favorite one is Desert Strike

Graphics is something we struggle with when it comes to our games. We have dabbled in 8bit type characters. Such as Grimm….


Matt did a pretty good job for his first try. However, we need a lot more help.

Here is a pixel art tutorial site:

Next up is a game for Ipad

Twelve a Dozen

Love the look/style.

Last but not least the(possible) deal heard around the world

Microsoft is in talks to buy Mojang.

Anyone else concerned by this. I for one understand they are updating the xbox version but to be honest it will ever be as fun/good as the pc version. Half the fun of the game is modding, which I think we can all agree is an awesome thing that Notch enabled. Obviously its one of the reasons for the success of the game. If you can dream it you can build it.

(Whoever made these are awesome)

With 2billion on the line I just hope Notch stops to think about whats important, and if Microsoft does acquire the game I hope they stop to realize what made this game what it is.

For more info

Have a great day.


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