Throwback Thursday

Posted: September 11, 2014 in Random
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In the spirit of throwback here is another semi embarrassing (long) story about Matt and me from years past.

I wish I had pictures for this story but sadly we were all preoccupied, so I will improvise. 🙂

It was 2006 a few months after we were married. We were really young and had pretty much no money. So when his parents planned a family trip to Lake Powell Matt was all excited about going so he could show it to me. Initially we said no because we has no money, but later figured out we could go give plasma to get it. I HATE needles with a passion. We go to the donation place and we get checked out, but I believe I had decided I didn’t want to do it. So Matt goes back and I think they just feel for his veins and can’t locate them so he wasn’t able to get money. He really wanted to go so I sucked it up and agreed to do it. I finally get called back there and they set me in the chair and then this lady starts searching for a vein, and the woman finds it. She shoves the needle in and misses. She says shes going to try again.

Not really wanting to say no, I’m like ok. So she shoves it in again, and misses. So she goes and gets another woman to help her. She tells me I have been poked in that arm too much so she is going to try my other arm. I’m thinking ok she will get it this time. Lets go. So she locates my vein and shoves it in, and misses.

She tells me my veins are “rolly”. Thankfully, they end it there and just let me have the money.

Before we got married Matthew had gotten this gorgeous yellow Jeep Wrangler

(Matt and his brother the day he got the jeep)


Excited about the trip Matthew took the roof off of the jeep. We packed up and  met up with is family about an hour away. We followed them the additional 3 hours. We arrived super late so we all made the decision we would sleep in our cars. The next morning we woke up somewhat refreshed and got the boat to the dock and loaded up the camping stuff and took a few people to look for a campsite. About 30-60 minutes later Matt’s dad came back to get us. Everything was good, that first day. We played on the water wienie with the boat, and the guys did some cliff diving.
(Lake Powell)
The second day is the day this trip went to hell. Overnight the wind had arrived. The water was too choppy so we couldn’t go play out on the boat or use the water weinie. So we were stuck at camp. Which, had no trees or places to get out of the wind. We had a canopy that we used for a while until the wind ripped it apart. After hours of hoping the wind would leave we finally all got on the boat and went around the corner from our camp. Which turned out to be a nice calm canyon. Unfortunately there wasn’t any place to camp, but we were able to escape the wind for a while. We played a game in which we answered questions. and the one who got it wrong had to jump into the water.  I was the winner of the whole thing. WOOT WOOT. 🙂  I jumped in at the end anyways.
The boat would drift to the back of the little canyon so we would drive back up to the opening and then drift again. On the second/third time Matt’s dad jokes about how our tent fell in the lake. This is how that went
He was joking but our tent had indeed gone into the lake. We go back over to camp. I’m freaking out cause my cell phone was in there and our car keys. I gather up the stuff that had fallen out on the the bank thankfully both the keys and my cell were fine. Meanwhile Matthew had jumped into the lake to retrieve everything else. In the process he lost one of his sandals, and one of his contacts and he wasn’t able to locate a rather expensive quilt we had received for our wedding.
At this point we were don, but his dad couldn’t take us back to the marina because the water was still choppy. So that night we shared a tent with Matts younger sister and her husband. Matt and I  had to share a thick foam pad that was I think the size of a twin bed.
Thankfully, the water wasn’t so bad the next morning so his dad took us and the few things we still had back up to the marina. His parents love telling this part of the story. They say we looked so pathetic. Matthew with his one sandal and did I mention he got a horrible sunburn because he refused  to put on sunscreen.Then theres me with my crazy windblown hair covered in sand and all disheveled, also with a sunburn, dragging something behind us.
We finally get to the jeep glad its all over, so excited to get home and shower.
  About 2 hours in we reach the mountains and we know we only have about 2 hours left until we get home. It starts getting cold. So we turn on the heat. Now remember the roof wasn’t on so it didn’t do much good besides getting our hands warm if we put them right on top of the vent. A few minutes later things get worse, it starts snowing. So lets recap. We are sunburned, kind of wet, cold and now being snowed on.
When we finally got home.
Well I hope you enjoyed our throwback to our very first vacation together.

Have a good day

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