Net Neutrality/ Arcade Block

Posted: September 10, 2014 in Web
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Good morning, did you guys get a chance to watch or read about the new iphones?

I wrote a snippet about it yesterday.


Quite the size difference between the 5s and the 6plus. πŸ™‚

πŸ™‚ Anyways ….

Β I think the Iphone 6 would be a good size in my opinion, the plus looks to large for my taste.

I can’t believe how quickly the old generations prices drop. The Iphone 5c is .97(with contract) in store at Walmart.

Do you think you will upgrade? I for one need more space on my phone. I take too many videos/pictures and do everything for BadPair on there.

Today is web wednesday

If you haven’t read this before its basically me searching the web and showing you what I find interesting/cool/awesome/crazy.

But before we do you should read this article about net neutrality.

Lets go…

First Up

NerdBlock has a new block. Matthew sent me a text yesterday letting me know he wanted it.



Β Do you ever feel your life is like the truman show.

A while back Matthew and I were sitting in the drive thru at a Starbucks(YUM) and we were watching this building across the parking lot be built. We got to talking about how much work goes into it and how it seems like in the year 2014 we would have thought of a more modern way to build buildings more efficiently. Matthew brings up Lego bricks. He had legos on the brain of course but it seemed like such a great idea. Look at that we are geniuses.


As a kid of the 90s this is awesome. I have a deep affection for all the old shows I use to watch like,

“submitted for your approval of the midnight society”


“who loves orange soda”

GoPro Moab

Wow, using a full bike would be terrifying enough for me.


Have a great day


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