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Posted: September 5, 2014 in Random
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Good Morning

Hey everyone we are just going to jump right into App Review Friday aka #ff on twitter.

We are going to be talking about/ reviewing the ios app

Cube Erase.

Developer: Gemspire GbR

Original release: July 2014

001 034a

Something we have learned from the couple of games we have made is that tutorials are a must. No matter how simple the game is, it is always a good idea to have some kind of tutorial and this game has a good one. It isn’t one of the ones where you are constantly tapping the screen because of all of the explaining.

The gist of this game is that you have 3 colored disks(red, green, and blue). You swipe them and attempt to hit their specific color blocks. If you manage to hit the correct color that block or same color surrounding blocks will disappear. However, if you hit the wrong color a block is added. During all of this the blocks are stacking up. Just before it reaches the top an alarm goes off and highlights the column that you need to hit to fix the situation.

Matthew: 4/5                  Elizabeth: 4/5

On to the Game inspired Randomness
Idk why but everytime I add a title I either acutally do/imagine myself doing this.


Creeper Anatomy! — Game LÜT #27



I want just about everything in that video. Especially that tmnt nintendo, and the fossil portal gun. Did you have a favorite?

Most Expensive Toys $$$ – Toy Pizza (Ep. 26)

That Ironman figure is, well, beautiful.

Its Friday!!!

Have a great day.







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