Its Tuesday!

Posted: September 2, 2014 in Random
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Good Morning

It seems like it has been ages since I have written without counting down the days of our contest. Check out yesterdays post to see if you are a winner. Thankfully, we have heard from one of the winners already. He seemed pretty excited. πŸ™‚ Also, If you happen to know the person with the game center name “2001zuzu” let him/her know to contact us soon.



This weekend we decided to start another new adventure. We, and by we I mean Matthew, started doing Twitch. I will eventually join in on the fun, we just have some things we need to get and figure out beforehand. On Saturday/Sunday, I can’t remember which we did an individual practice runs. Its fun, strange, and kind of terrifying all at the same time. Obviously, we are noobs but check us out. Maybe stop by and give us some tips on what we could do better.


Today I am suppose to discuss “The Hobbit“. However, I won’t be doing that today. I will do that next week. I want to do movie Monday, today.

Matthew went out of town on Friday with his dad and brothers so I had a movie night with the kids. I decided to see if the theory of starting with “Episode One” of the “Star Wars” movies would fair better. Our daughter Kylee, didn’t seem to enjoy it, she preferred rolling around on the floor. lol Isaac however, has played the “Angry Birds, Star Wars” on his ipad, so he was shouting out the whole time saying i know this place or that person. When Matt returned the next day he asked Isaac what he thought of the movie, and he said

Movie Trailers

I don’t think I have seen this one yet, even though it came out about a month ago. Fun Fact: Matthew has hated these movies, because they don’t follow the book.

People from GOT

I hope everyone has a great day.




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