3 Days Left

Posted: August 29, 2014 in Random
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Only 3 days left to enter our contest for a chance to win a month of LootCrate.

Sphere Factor


LootCrate has finally announced Septembers theme.

“This month we blast off with GALACTIC! September’s crate brings 3 licensed exclusive collectibles (one is a Funko Mystery Mini!) and includes items from Firefly, Star Wars, & Star Trek with plenty of other surprises in store!”(Lootcrate Facebook)


App/Game Friday!

First up is a game app called Yikes!!!

This game is in the new (featured)  adventure section.

released: aug 4, 2014

developer: Ajmal Usman

Matthew wanted me to try and work the name Yikes!!! into its description. lol

The goal of the game is to jump over as many boxes as possible.

Pros: Graphics

Cons: No leader-boards, no pause, easy to beat especially with the glitch.

The physics body doesn’t match the boxes.

Matthew was playing this morning, and he got the squid guy as high as he could go and kept him there until eventuallly the guy went off the screen and the box/distance count kept racking up. Before I got out of it, we were up to about 15000.

We gave this game a 1/5     


If you have a game you would like us to talk about let us know before next Friday.



Its the Weekend!

I hope you have a great weekend.





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