4 Days

Posted: August 28, 2014 in Random
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4 Days Lefts in our Contest.

One random lucky person who likes, shares, and comments(specific social media equivalent) on this post will get a free Loot Crate! However, if random isn’t your thing and you’d rather take fate/matters into your own hands, there is a second option. We are giving away a second Loot Crate to the person who has the highest score on our game

“Sphere Factor”


More information on the contest


Catch Up!

As you probably know we have taken a couple months off from our game dev’ing. We submitted our last game (seen above) shortly after the Apple Developers conference where they announced “Swift”. Well, we are now trying to get back into the game, we are working on learning “Swift”. Do you guys know of any good tutorials?

The second thing we have been thinking about doing, in addition to our racing game, is changing up Sphere Factor a bit.

One of the critiques we have received is that its too hard, and that the ball is too big for the space.


What do you guys think? The bottom is where you currently start. The top is what we would change the starting to, and gradually change to the bottom size opening.

Throwback Thursday!

Evolution of Dance:

In honor of Ghostbusters coming out 30 years go (this year) lets check out its :Honest Trailer


Do you like the throwbacks? Let me know, because I think we need a different theme.

Have a good day!

Holy crap its “Red”!





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