Wow time is just flying by. If you haven’t checked out our Sphere Factor/ Loot Crate Contest do it now. Also, sharing would be awesome. 🙂

Not much to say from yesterday.

My kids, mainly my 5 year old son, have beat the Lego movie game for the second time. Of course they have only collected about 8% of the stuff. This might be one of my new favorite sites. I don’t know if its just us but we will usually spend half our movie nights deciding on a movie we will both like. Thankfully, this site has thus far batted 1 for 1. We thought of a movie we both liked, in this case Inception, and it gives you a ton of movie options that are similar. We decided on “Source Code” with Jake Gyllenhaal. This movie doesn’t crawl into the action it jumps head first. If you haven’t seen it, we reccomend you watch it. If you do or if you have let us know what you think. 4 out of 5 stars

I have been missing Dexter lately. I’m considering having a BingeFest courtesy of Netflix. I don’t know if its so much Dexter that I am “missing” or if its just the great Sunday night shows. In previous years it was Dexter and Game of Thrones, and Shameless. If you have a suggestion for a show similar to any of these let us know in the comments section. Strayed off Topic a bit there, Michael C. Hall is set to star in a new miniseries. “God Fearing Man”. He will play a Canadian minister, who becomes a notorious American Bank Robber. If you’d like to read more.

Now time for some awesome Random videos:

The Best of Robin Williams, by Mashable:

Self Folding Robot:

10 Radical Facts about the TMNT:



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