If you follow our twitter/instagram or one of the others you might have seen some pictures  I posted of the board game Eclipse. (Link Above).  The first thing I have to say is, if you have the right people to play it with this game is a lot of fun. That is if you enjoy attempting to take over the universe and destroy the people who are in your way. lol. We were in an allied group of 3. Fighting against  another allied group of 2 and another person who wasn’t allied with anyone officially but played as though he was. No one has done it yet so I don’t know  everything that happens but if you break your alliance you get the traitor token and lose victory points. We thought we had the game won. We had a huge army the majority of the board, and then we find out that one of their players had purchased some item that allowed for him to “teleport” about the board. Popping onto our land and taking over. :-[] Damn! didn’t plan on that.


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