We had a very busy weekend. It started off with us going to Fantasy Con on Thursday. It was held here in Salt Lake City(Utah). Since we only had the one day pass we spent most of our time walking around checking everything out.  Quite a few booths, I think the most impressive was the armor. You could buy handmade armor. Another favorite were the big art pieces they had there. Like the 3 story dragon(pictured above), the best was the dragon/knight fountain. We had our 7, and 5 year old with us. So we didn’t get to do as much or see everything we wanted. It was mostly us going “Omg thats awesome”, and the kids going “I’m hungry”. Of course with all the food around its hard to not be tempted every few feet. Of course I do find it outrageous that a bottle of soda from a vending machine that normally costs  1.o0 is jacked up to 3.50 for an event. But that rant is for another time. lol

Friday was a holiday here in the  US. So we spent the morning recovering from staying up/out until after midnight. In the evening we went over to our friends house and played chess, talked, enjoyed some awesome food. Then once the sun went down we shot off fireworks, and played with a military grade laser(so im told). Spent some time shining it on houses down the street. 🙂

Then Saturday we had to head to downtown SLC again. Our little man had to take a final evaluation test for his preschool, and then they had a little graduation for the all the kids.



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