We had a busy weekend. We went camping with some friends of ours at Mount Timpanogos in Utah. Our original plan was to take the Timpanogos cave tour. That quickly changed. Once we set up camp we took a short hike to see the Cascade Springs(pictured) and it was hot and we were miserable so we just decided to hang out at camp.
This trip was so stressful for us. When we finally got to the mountains we kept smelling burning rubber. Turns out we need new brakes. So we attempted to use the brakes as little as possible. But the mountains is the worst place to try that. With all the winding roads.
I can’t believe that neither of the people I took our car to in the last month, to get the safety and emissions inspection done the day before we left nor the dealership, I took it to a month ago, who supposedly do a 5 point(unsure of number) safety check, told me we needed new brakes. Shouldn’t brakes be a big part of a safety check?


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