THX 1138 directed by George Lucas

Posted: June 11, 2014 in Random
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THX 1138 directed by George Lucas

After reading the netflix dvd sleeve, what we watched was honestly not what I had expected. Although, I guess when “futuristic” is added to love story you probably shouldn’t expect the norm.
We probably both would give it a 3/5.
One of the first things you notice is that everything; walls/floors/ceilings are all white or gray.
The people also dress in white, with a few excepts.
This is a time when the “big brother” has total control over your life. From what you eat, to the pills you take. Its a time when intimacy with your “mate” can be deemed perversion.

Then you have “big brothers” enforcers, the “robo-cops”. Who, in contrast were dressed in black. They are programed to be polite. They rarely use force but when they did it wasn’t a long drawn out struggle. It was usually over in seconds.
Our biggest laugh came from a scene where one of the “robo-cops” was pursuing a runaway, and actually said “Please come back”.

If you have seen this movie, or if you watch it now we would love to hear your thoughts.


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