Haven’t gotten much work done on our new game, still sick. Getting up for the day job has been taking it out of us. However, we made it a goal to sit down and work on it tonight so we should have new pics up soon. 

In the mean time I figured I would give a shout out to some family of ours that have completed an incredible feat. They both wrote a book. So here they are….

The first was just released a couple of weeks ago.  Written by: Dr. Mark A. Snow

Imagine finding out, during the delivery of your own child, that the world in which you live is not the world that you had thought that it was your entire life. Eric Dunn is a simple man with very little wants who is thrust into a whirlwind chase across the country trying to save himself, his wife, and his newborn son from a life of slavery. Holly Cranfield is the wife of a Homeland Security agent, and mother of a severely disabled boy who risks everything to set herself and her son free from the bondage that they live in. Follow them as they run and try to outwit the law. They are both helped by a secret organization set up to fight the slavery imposed by a powerful, unknown group called The Insiders.


The second was released years ago(2006). Written by: Daniel Dutton

Nick Danielson leads a very normal life. He has a loving and beautiful wife and a son who drives him crazy. But he has been plagued with nightmares. It’s only when his dreams turn to reality that the real nightmares begin. Can he survive the onslaught?



If you get them and read them I would love to know what you think.


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