My thoughts reading this article

Posted: May 10, 2014 in Random
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My thoughts reading this article

#7 Matt( and I( have played Left for Dead 2 so many times. This is one of my favorite games. I actually think I hold my breathe as I turn off my flashlight and essentially tip toe past the witch, even if she is like 20 feet away. Then panic ensues as we all scramble to kill her, but she has already destroyed her first victim and is on to her next. I am praying that is not me.

#6 I have never even heard of this version, so I had to ask Matt if he had ever played it and what he thought. Of course he has tried this version and his response, “Stupid”. He said the controls were bad. He isn’t a fan of joysticks.

#5 I know all too well the shell of which they speak. When in last place its like you just got the keys to the kingdom, but in first you have a freakin bounty on your head, for that shell is coming for you. I remember trying to duck back into second hoping to see it speed past, or hoping to out run it. Then BAM!!!

#2 Portal 2, great game. We love this game, hence our new wristbands. I thankfully have only played with Matt and we both are pretty trustworthy so idk much about hoping your partner will put the portal where it goes. Although if you look around and can’t find the weak link its probably you. lol

#1 Mario Party!! I remember playing this on our Ds’ while laying in bed like 5 years ago. You get within 4 spacesย  from the star and the maniacal laugh floods your head. Then next thing you know your friend rolls and lands on it. Damn!! Oh well you tell yourself your ahead anyways. Then Bowser comes in and decides to mix things up a bit. Suddenly you have 1 star and your friend just received the rest. NNNOOOO!!!!


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